Examples of Client Work

Clients often arrive at CreatiVix Media after they've tried to create a website from scratch. We provide the "Vix" they need for newsletters, sales funnels, programs and more. We create logos, color palettes, email welcome sequences, blog content and editorial calendars, and website copy. We'll even setup a lifestyle shoot for you and your products! 

Most sites are completed in 1-3 months, but can be done in as little as 8-12 business days if needed. We focus on delivering what YOU need to make your business run smoothly!


Dr. Pina

Dr. Pina came to us with a book ready to published and no links to drive to. We created her site based on content in her book in just under a week to prepare for the launch. 


Jennifer Silvershein, LMSW

Jennifer had one goal: to create a site that could grow. We created this Wordpress-based site for her to grow her list, help her share her press clips and create a platform that could be used down the road for her business and digital brand. 


Andrea Silvershein, Life Coach

Andrea wanted to create a site that would allow her to dip her toe into online marketing while also creating a place to showcase her achievements and offerings. We designed the logo, wrote much of the copy and helped her strategize about next steps. And at the end? We gave her a video tutorial to refer back to when she's ready to update the site on her own.  


Pay Me Like a Man

The Pay Me Like a Man founders came to us to create a site in four weeks for a conference presentation. We created an option for them to sell wholesale before they began the online sales portion of the business and it was quite successful! We designed all imagery, layout and offered insights on copy and content strategy planning for future promotions. 


Susan Verde

Susan Verde is an author, yoga teacher and mindfulness teacher. She lives in East Hampton with her 3 children and focuses on helping parents being more mindful in their daily lives. 

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Sheira MacKenzie

Sheira MacKenzie is a mortgage and wellness coach, helping men and women transition to healthier lifestyles by being financially fit and physically fit.