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Searching for the best tool for your social media management needs? The best times to post on all social media platforms? A dictionary of the terms that everyone else seems to know? 

This is your one-stop shop for all of our FREE challenges, downloads and guides. Everything you need to dominate digital media can be downloaded by opting in for the individual download below and then? You'll get it emailed directly to you!


Stuck on When to Post? This Guide is For You! 

Post Cadence: how many times you post on each social media platform throughout the day, week and month. 

Building your strategy around the best times to post AND the best number of posts to share per day can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. This guide was created by analyzing data from clients, the best sources on the Web and personal information that only we at The CVM Group can provide. Download it today and get your strategy on track! 


Sick of Posting Content on the Fly? This Calendar Will Get You Organized!

This template is the exact template we use with our Done-For-You clients and what Vix uses in her 90-minute Strategic Intensives.

Best of all? This template is filled in with our basic plan to help YOU create the perfect plan for your business and brand. 


Tired of Spending Hours Trying to Grow Your List? Get the Framework that Converts!

We have used this exact framework to increase subscribers by 110% in four weeks. This challenge outline is unlike any you've ever encountered -- it gives you the framework you need to build a digital challenge that not only grows your list but also helps you build your business without breaking the bank.