It's been a pleasure working with Victoria 'Vix' and her team over the past year. She has played a critical role in developing our social strategy and voice, along with going above and beyond for the success of our brand. Vix is flexible yet structured, creative, energetic and always ready for her next challenge. Her passion for what she does is evident in her work and the considerations that go behind it. Whether your social channels need a little bit of sparkle, fresh ideas or a completely new direction, go with CreatiVix! -- Katie Peralta, Digital Marketing Manager, LINK AKC 

Bob Mohler
SVP, Warner Bros.

Victoria has a great understanding of the digital space and what type of content resonates. Her energy, enthusiasm and love of social media makes her a valuable team player — someone very well-liked by her peers. Victoria looks for ways to create new traffic sources and online partnership opportunities.


Amanda Fiscina
Web Producer, Newsday

Victoria has been my go-to person to talk all things digital with since the minute I met her more than five years ago working at a local news experiment together. She had a savviness and spark that hasn’t dimmed a bit as she’s carried her social media skills through the news, lifestyle and entertainment industries. Her ability to navigate the digital sphere comes so naturally – it’s intrinsic and she’s always ahead of the curve. In a space that’s so inundated these days with lingo, she has a no-nonsense approach that’s beyond the buzzwords and gets results.


Tabitha Sukhai
Founder, The Snug
Site Editor, ThisOldHouse.com

CreatiVix Media started managing the Facebook and Twitter posts for The Snug in July. They consistently kept our organic reach above 500K, weekly on Facebook and helped us gain key Twitter engagements by tagging, hashtagging and connecting with the right influencers for our brand. They have the connections to get results on Facebook and Twitter -- our Facebook page was verified within 12 hours of submitting the request. They also helped us grow our Instagram following by optimizing the types of hashtags we used and by sharing best practices she learned from our clients and her own personal experiments. I've stay connected with Victoria since we first worked together 8 years ago and I am happy to recommend her to you for all your digital media needs-- she's savvy, engaged, responsive and makes sure that you not only see results but understand how she achieved the results and she's built a great team that delivers. 


Sheira MacKenzie
Mortgage Coach

When it comes to digital marketing, all posts are NOT created equal. It is so critical that you share your brand in a way that is impactful, without the entire work day doing so! Hiring Victoria and her team was the smartest decision I have made. They helped me craft relevant messages that match my brand and convey my message in a way that is authentically ME. They helped create a campaign and streamline delivery across all of my social media outlets. They are creative, current, savvy, responsive and I would HIGHLY recommend hiring Victoria and her team if you are looking for help with digital branding!

1:1 and Group Trainings Testimonials

Victoria Reitano was a tour de force during a three-day visit as a Society of Professional Journalism trainer to The Journalism Program at the University of Delaware. She shared Google tools that are invaluable to student journalists who not only have to find verified information but also build a brand for themselves and their employers. At one point, I overheard a student whisper to another, "You can do that? Really?" A fairly recent graduate herself, she was relatable, informative and tireless. She is welcome back anytime. - Deborah Gump, PhD, Director of the Journalism Program at the University of Delaware

Society of Professional Journalists presenter, Victoria Reitano, kept our audience engaged, challenged and highly satisfied with her tips on how best to employ the numerous Google tools available to journalists.  The NJ Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists looks forward to working again with Ms. Reitano. - Miriam Ascarelli, President of the NJ Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists  

Group Coaching Testimonials

#InstaGoalsPod Mastermind

Gianna Seca of Gianna Seca Jewelry: Great course! A must for every entrepreneur!

Lorri Carnevale of Imperfectly Beautiful Designs by LorriEveryone should take this course, @vixinthecity is the real deal.

Morgan Sheets of Live Well Be Well Do Good, a Holistic Well-Being Coach for Highly Sensitive and High-Performing Female Entrepreneurs: I won access to the Instagoals Pod Mastermind course through one of Vix's free challenges. (Which was so fun and informative by the way! I highly recommend joining her Facebook group and email list and participating in her challenges and community.)  The course helps you create a solid foundation to use your Instagram for business. During the course, Vix is right there in the group to answer any questions you have about applying the content to your business. Plus, what's also been lovely is connecting with the other course members and having a tribe to continue to support and grow with one another long after the course is complete through the #instagoalspod hashtag.

Build Your Audience. Build Your Influence.

Kaitlyn Chana, Action News Jax Reporter, CBS47/FOX30: 

Whether looking to revamp, improve, or completely redefine your social media brand, Victoria “Vix” Reitano has the tools that will revitalize the infrastructure of your digital empire. Her online classes will help you recognize any shortcomings or missed opportunities; through her step-by-step workshops she lays out advice to push you towards reconstructing a realistic, practical digital imprint.

Victoria’s wealth of knowledge is leading this up and coming industry by storm. She’s changing the game of how people can push their content, message, or products on social media and entice more followers, leaving audiences wanting more from their content curators.

Vix is well-known to many as a “fixer.” If you have a social media problem, Victoria is efficient, effective, and energetic at figuring out how to overcome your challenges. Her classes offer self-help, personal transformation, business/marketing ideas, and one-on-one along with group social media guidance, so you can ensure your online brand matches your overall mission.

I would highly recommend you to get in touch with Vix Reitano. She’ll help you overhaul your social brands – and you’ll see the difference in engagement, request, and likes from your followers.