Every person is a brand but every brand is not a person.
— Vix Reitano

You are a content creator. You are a brand.
You are in charge of your own destiny.

It may not always feel this way, but I can promise you that it is true. If we haven't met, I'm Victoria but everyone calls me Vix because I've got the fix for every digital need. I launched my company, CreatiVix Media, a creative digital agency with the fix for every branding monetization need, in 2015 as a six-figure company in six short weeks


How did I do that? I dominated the digital space. 

It may seem impossible but I am living proof that it is not. It takes a lot of balance and boundaries but once you've got those under your belt, you can truly do anything.

For me, February has always been about "Bury Fear." This year? It's about giving YOU the tools to do the same. I've curated brilliant experts in the health, fitness, OBM, business strategy and mindset space to help you learn from real people -- just like you -- that it is possible to monetize what you love. 

To have a business and career where YOU call the shots.

To spend time with your children (human and furry!) and to build a life on your terms.

I have spent a decade designing the digital destinies of others and I can promise you that these experts are the real deal. 

Best of all? This summit is completely and totally free. You'll get access to 9 experts plus 3 exclusive training videos I've never shared before and daily tips to keep you on track. You'll connect with the experts and entrepreneurs just like you in my group, The Get Set over the month and have opportunities to network and so much more! 

Sign-up today for this incredible opportunity -- it is one you don't want to miss and I promise it will be one that will make 2018 the biggest year of your life! 

Experts include:

  • Gabrielle Bolin of Fit by Gab: In 2017, Gabrielle used social media to increase her net profits by 98.6% and wrote her first book in early 2018!
  • Nicole Lewis Keeber of Nicole Lewis Keeber Coaching: Nicole's clients like to call her a business therapist and she'll not only help you understand your relationship with your business, she'll help you enjoy it! 
  • Jessi Honard and Marie Parks of North Star Messaging: Jessi and Marie have worked together for 7 years! They'll talk about powerful partnerships, how to create content that converts and how to make sure you're serving your audience each and every day. 
  • Kara Yarger: Kara shares the keys to digestive health and quick and easy tips to help YOU stay on track in your busy schedule.
  • Kate Crocco: Kate shares her story of stepping back to level up and how you can learn what's right for you in your business.  

Plus my proven strategy to help you create 50% more conversions in four short weeks as well as a how-to video on the perfect video strategy for YOUR brand goals. 

Monetizing your brand is possible -- if you have the tools, community, content and strategy to get there! 

Ready? Get set to live the life of your dreams. Join this FREE summit now! It all starts February 1.