Connect with your audience the right way, every time.


Do you feel overwhelmed by building a 360 digital media strategy and management plan that converts?

Let our team help you produce, plan and manage your digital brand. From posts to image assets, video shoots and more, we help tell your story online. Reaching your clients is easy, if you have the right tools and the right systems in place.

We can even handle support for Reddit AMAs, Live Video Production and more. 

Do you have a product to sell?

The answer is yes. We all have a product to sell. Whether it is a physical product or information or your own time, the products we sell online must speak to the pain point of the individual reading the post, watching the video or seeing your ad. 

It all starts with a website that converts. A website that shares resources to establish credibility without giving it all away for free. 

At CreatiVix Media, we specialize in plans that see the whole picture. From the landing page to the ad, to the video creative, all elements must be on-brand and speak to your audience.

We create plans that increase Web traffic, sales conversions, build your list, increase your digital influence and more.

Monthly Digital Media Management Retainer Packages:

Includes: Organic content, delivered every 2 weeks for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, community management, one call per week for 30-45 minutes, blog management at 40 hours per month or higher, email marketing strategy and management at 48 hours per month or higher and digital scavenger hunt/challenges build out on a quarterly basis for all clients. 

50 hours per month $5350             45 hours per month $4750

40 hours per month $4350             35 hours per month $3750

30 hours per month $3350             25 hours per month $2750

     20 hours per month $2350

Interested in Social Media Coaching?

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