Done FOR You: Social Media Management and Content Strategy


Done FOR You: Social Media Management and Content Strategy


If you’re ready to stop wasting time and energy working in an area that isn’t in YOUR zone of genius, this package is for you. While you learn how to build, grow and convert clients, you’ll be able to spend your valuable time on discovery calls and building content for your audience as I write, manage and post your content FOR you! Imagine that?!

  • 8 Weeks of Social Media Content written and scheduled for Facebook, Instagram, including images!

  • 8 Weeks of Social Media Content written for Facebook Groups -- with tips and tricks on how to properly engage your audience in these key areas!

  • Four, 45-minute strategy calls to identify your ideal client, your audience engagement strategy and how to grow your following and convert those followers to clients.

Imagine Having:

  • All of your Facebook and Instagram posts written, planned and scheduled according to a customized strategy for YOUR business

  • The courage to connect with new audiences in Facebook Groups and on Instagram… and a script to make it #werk for you!

  • Increase your leads and newsletter sign-ups by 15-30% so you're attracting, rather than chasing, new clients

  • Increased traffic to your website — in most cases 30% or higher - which means increasing your chance of sales and conversions right along with it

  • Understand how to create content that works FOR your when you’re NOT working, saving you time and making you money

  • Have brand collaborators and influencer partners who sell FOR you so you can continue to operate in your zone of genius

  • Join new conversations to show your expertise and build your reputation as an influencer -- creating brand collaboration opportunities for YOU and increasing your streams of income!

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