When Brands and Influencers Slip Up

Here, we break down three common marketing slip-ups on Instagram, as told by both the influencer side and the brand side.

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When To Use Facebook Live to Tell a Story

The future of social is here and it’s going to be streamed, live and in color.

Video has slowly taken over the internet. It’s not something that happened overnight -- this has been a steady progression and all social networks have responded to it. And it’s not just short-form video (#RIPVine) anymore, it’s longer form video which allows you to truly tell a story, showcase a product and so much more.

So when is video the right medium for your story or product promotion? This article is going to help you figure that out.


Why every PR professional and journalist needs a public figure Facebook page

If you’re reading the title of this blog post and think a public figure Facebook page isn’t for you, sit down, close all of your browser windows and get comfy -- this post is most definitely for you.

A public figure page on Facebook, or a brand page, is a page that allows you to run targeted ads, promote yourself, your business and your brand, and allows you to see engagement, reach and growth.

Still not sure?


Turning your side-hustle into the main hustle: freelancing 101

So you want to be a freelancer -- think it’s all pjs and cat videos on the Internet? News Flash: It’s so much more than that. I just launched my own company and it has been one wild ride. This may not be the path for everyone, but if you think it’s for you, here’s a bit of freelancing 101 to get you started.