Are You Overwhelmed by Social Media?

Ready to Get the Big Results You Deserve Minus the Stress?


Are you trying to build a business, get on podcasts and blogs and increase your sales with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?
Have you tried working with a coach who just couldn't get the content to convert?
Do you feel that social media is too complex for you to create the community you desire?

I can help...

I’m Victoria Reitano and I work with clients at all stages of their business to help them DIY a digital empire that turns their content into cold, hard cash. Everyone calls me Vix because I have the fix for Web pages that won't convert, for ads that keep missing the mark on Facebook and for organic content that increases reach and engagement 5x over, instantly.

Are you ready to make 2017 the year you get the results you've been waiting for? 

Think about how much time you spend being visible online. You've got your content and your zone of genius down, you are confident about the materials you've created but feel stressed. Why? Because you can't figure out HOW to get in front of your ideal client. And maybe, even the word "ideal client" sets you into a tailspin of distraction. 

Working with a coach on confidence and business systems is great, but what if you already know where you want to start with pricing and you are completely and totally confident in your method and message? Or what if you've already worked with a coach on that key part of your business? Now, you're stuck in a sea of information without a lifeboat. 

I can be your lifeboat. 

The strategy behind how and where you share your message is a key part of being an online entrepreneur. I used my brand to build a business in 6 weeks (without a savings account) and can do the same for you by helping you not only understand what we're doing but by actually doing the work for you.

Start filling your days with discovery calls instead of spending hours in Facebook groups, on Twitter or in another course that is limited to the lessons that coach used to succeed. 

From websites to social media marketing strategy to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads and more, I'll help you get a plan in place, grow your audience and see massive results with changes that won't interfere with your daily routine. 

Social Media Management

A strategy that covers Web content, social content, video production and more to keep your customers engaged and connected.  


I design websites with your brand goals in mind. From selling to list-building, these sites are affordable (under $5000), quick to build (6-8 weeks) and include everything you need to succeed as an online entrepreneur. 


Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+. If it's social, I've got the Vix to make it sell and offer 1:1 trainings, e-courses and more. 


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“Having CreatiVix Media design my website was nothing short of amazing! They clearly heard my vision of what I wanted and created something that even exceeded my own expectation!"