Digital Video That Works

When CreatiVix Media began, we wanted to provide our clients with everything they needed to turn their digital brand into cold, hard cash. That meant images, copy, social media ads and, eventually, video assets for their website and social media channels. We created Chrysler City Productions to provide these services to our clients. Clients of Chrysler City Productions come to use for high-quality video provided at a cost that works for their business. Let us help you share your story with the world and monetize it!


Chrysler City Productions is inspired by the beauty of the Chrysler Building...

She stands because she must. Not because she is the tallest, brightest or newest but because it's her to job to work with what she's got -- the New York CIty skyline. Chrysler City Productions works with whatever assets you have to create a video package that will showcase the best elements of your story, brand and business to bring your community in and help them stay engaged. 


Victoria "Vix" Reitano
Chief Digital Producer

Victoria "Vix" Reitano is the founder and CEO of CreatiVix Media and the co-founder of Chrysler City Productions. She is a digital producer who believes everything starts online with a great website and solid asset package.

Joey Bee.jpg

Joey Burden
Chief Executive Producer
Creative Director

Joey “Joey Bee” Burden is an Emmy-award winning producer. A videographer and editor, Joey lends his creative eye and a keen understanding of news packaging to all projects.