Engagement & Reach

When we begin working with clients, we take a mini-audit to get a sense of what's working and what could be optimized. We use that to inform our editorial calendar. After two-four weeks, we share the results with the client and explain our strategy moving forward. 

We also provide social media audits as a standalone service for clients looking to manage optimization on their own and also offer trainings on how to execute the plans we've presented. 

Here are some results our clients have seen in terms of engagement & reach: 

  • In one month, we decreased the number of posts to optimize post time, topic and structure and increased engagement by 60%
  • Changing the #LinkinBio on Instagram increased engagement by 30% in a one month period and pushed Instagram into the top 5 driver of traffic to the site overall, ahead of Buzzfeed
  • By optimizing the post times on Facebook and Twitter, we saw reach increase by 47% in a one month period
  • All clients typically see at least a reach of 3x their total follower count on Facebook, daily. For many, this puts their reach in the millions
  • Facebook audience engagement increased 177% month over month


To convert followers to clients, customers and readers, we focus on a holistic approach -- looking at the website, blog content, sales funnel strategy and asset bank.  After we do this initial review, we offer suggestions on how to optimize the available assets and, in some cases, create promotional videos, sales page copy, marketing copy and landing page copy to supplement these efforts. 

Here are some of the results our clients have seen in terms of website traffic from social media & content strategy optimizations: 

  • In one month, we increased traffic to a client's site by 51% from Facebook and Twitter 
  • With 6 posts a day on Facebook, we were able to drive over 150,000 clicks to the website on a monthly basis
  • In selling an online course, one client saw a 50% conversion rate from our marketing email sales funnel strategy
  • Email open rates for most clients are in the 25-50% range on each and every email 
  • Follower conversions through Facebook and Twitter ads with an average price of $0.20 per follower on both networks -- well below the average of $0.27 per follower on Facebook and $2.20-3.20 per follower on Twitter


All clients want to grow their social media following and their newsletter list when they start with CreatiVix Media -- and we totally agree! The return on investment for followers will never be 1 follower equals 1 customer but the more people you can reach on a daily basis, the more likely you are to bring new brand evangelists into the fold and turn them into a word-of-mouth sales force for you, your brand, your company and your products. 

How do we do this? We focus on quality content (storytelling that sells!) first and then add in paid media strategy. 

Here are some of the results clients have seen in terms of follower growth: 

  • Organic Instagram growth of 1,300 followers monthly
  • Verification on Twitter in 6 business dates of account management
  • Engagement from high-profile influencers to increase the following by 100% in a matter of hours
  • Key placement in trending topics on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Two-five top posts per month on Instagram

To learn more and see client examples, please click here to download our Case Study and Capabilities PDF.